Giving De Studio objects a second, third, fourth... life

We believe nothing should be manufactured that can’t be used and loved for many years. So every object we make is made to last at least a couple of human lifetimes.

Whenever you decide to part with your De Studio product, however, we encourage you to submit it to our Re-stored program. When accepted, we clean and refurbish it, replace any parts that might be worn, and mark the restored vintage object with the date and your initials. After this, it will be available for purchase again. Once sold, 70% of proceeds will be transferred to you.

Contact us to submit your product

Traceability and provenance

To us, the provenance-story of an object is essential and ads to its value. That’s why each Re-stored product will have its life cycle(s) documented in De Studio’s archives, for full traceability and transparency.